I am Tanja and I am a source of Inspiration, for Change and different Possibilities.

Whether you are here to change your Life, Money, Career, Business, Relationships, overall Success, Happiness, or something else, you’re tapping into another possibility in this very moment.

Welcome to creating your Life in a new way.

What if following your awareness creates more for your Life than all the ways you’ve been taught like working hard, following the rules, and working on your mindset?

Like many of you reading this, I had a lifetime of experiences that told me to fit in, to not ask questions, and to not create beyond the ordinary.

There was just one problem with that – ordinary is boring and doesn’t create anything different on the planet.

Creating beyond the limitations is a way of being that I have continually chosen throughout my life - from my personal Relationships, my global Career, my Money - everything!

In my Career, I chose the hardest thing I could think of and was trained as an auditor. Rather than fitting in one box for the rest of my Life, I take my expertise and apply it to working with Leadership teams in a variety of industries. I know what it's like to dedicate yourself to creating Success until you have nothing left to give - I also know what it takes to create beyond burnout and it's not nearly as burdensome as people believe it to be.

With over two decades of corporate experience as a CFO, M&A Specialist in addition to over a decade of coaching and many years as a facilitator to people who desire to create change in their life, you'll find a depth of experience to support you in the changes you would like to make.

I'm a stand to show you what's possible, even if it doesn't fit the normal limitations that you have come to expect as what's necessary to grow a business, change your career or money, or create a life you love completely.

In my work with clients worldwide, I ask questions that will expand your reality. I empower you to create a Life that takes you from wondering, “Is this all there is?” to KNOWING that anything is possible and actually choosing it.

From the trauma to triumph and from burnout and bouncing back to be more brilliant than ever, I use my superpowers to show you a new way of creating your reality.

Is now the time to be you and create everything you truly desire? Let's connect.

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