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Meet Tanja

What if following your awareness creates more for your life than all the ways you’ve been taught like working hard, following the rules, and working on your mindset? Like many of you reading this, Tanja Barth had a lifetime of experiences that told her to fit in, to not ask questions, and to not create beyond the ordinary.

There was just one problem with that – ordinary is boring and doesn’t create anything different on the planet.

Tanja had her first experience of being limitless after her father died. This experience was supposed to make her sad and to focus on her family’s grief, yet Tanja chose something entirely different. She chose to expand beyond limitations of death and create her own reality. What “should” have been a trial to endure turned into a path to explore and create what was really possible in the universe. Creating beyond the limitations is a way of being that Tanja has continually chosen throughout her life.

In her work with clients worldwide, Tanja asks questions that will expand your reality. She empowers you to create a life that takes you from wondering, “Is this all there is?” to KNOWING that anything is possible and actually choosing it.

From the trauma and drama of death to burnout from achieving quick success in her corporate career, Tanja started to see her superpowers as a gift to contribute to this reality rather than something to judge herself for. Acknowledging her abilities has been a key component to continue to choose more in every area of her life, which is a core element that Tanja assists her clients to choose as well.

Tanja is a catalyst for change and empowers people around the world to change their life, money, business, and relationships through her transformational workshops, facilitation, and online courses. Tanja is also a Right Riches for You Facilitator and a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness®.

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