Meet Tanja Barth

From the unseen and unexpected baby, to the lucky child, to losing it creating a life and business that works from being all of her, Tanja’s message is that you truly are the leader of your life and your business! When you acknowledge and embrace this truth, no matter what occurs, you can create in all areas of life and business beyond anything you previously thought possible.

Meet Tanja Barth
Rote Rose - Tanja Barth

The Unseen and Unexpected Baby

Tanja’s start in life was unseen and unexpected: born a twin to parents expecting only one child, Tanja and her brother grew up in a ‘war of the roses’ between their unhappy mother and father who split up when the children were 16 months old. Because of their family circumstance, Tanja and her brother were often viewed as disadvantaged kids and this left Tanja feeling an inherent sense of wrongness in her life. Despite this, her nature was to rush forth into the world – first to crawl, first to walk, first to lead her schoolmates.

She always perceived herself in relation to her family and especially to her brother, with whom she was very close and on whom she could rely to overcome life’s challenges. During their school years together, she had been a good student without effort, but when she and her brother decided to go to different high schools, Tanja wondered if she could make it on her own and also succeed on her own.

The Lucky Child

She decided to embrace the challenge that high school presented, studying hard and becoming the only graduating student in her year to achieve A-Level exams. High school was the first time Tanja felt her intelligence and unique abilities were acknowledged, giving her the awareness that she really could choose anything. She decided she wanted to go to college and become an auditor as it was supposed to be the most difficult exam at this time in Germany. She mastered her college studies, achieving best in class on many of her exams, and gained her dream auditing job with Price Waterhouse.

Tanja excelled in the company, and although she soon became bored with auditing, her resilience, perception, and capacities for extrapolation were noticed and she was added to special projects, becoming an expert in Financial Due Diligence, IPOs, Private Equity and Carve-outs across several international markets and fields. For 3 years she enjoyed what she saw as her ‘lucky streak’.

An unforeseen economic decision changed all this. Her company merged with another Big Five company, and in this new conglomerate, the future she’d foreseen for herself suddenly ceased to exist. Although she persisted with the new circumstances, she became more and more frustrated.

After 2 years of being unhappy in her work, Tanja met a self-made billionaire who offered her the job of managing his private equity investments. She had a renewed sense of hope and joy in her career. She was so happy learning about phenomenal investment possibilities that could change the future, traveling the world again, meeting some of the most intelligent geniuses – Tanja was in her element once more. However, even this dream job fell through when the New Economy Market crashed resulting in a restructuring of the company where she saw no future for herself.

Being twice a “victim of economic circumstances” made her question the purpose of life and her role in it. It was at this time she read the Conversations with God trilogy and came upon the idea that “You are the creator of your own life.” While she sensed this was true, that she should be able to make her own “luck” in a more dynamic way, she had no idea how to achieve it and started to pursue her journey to discover the creator within.

Alone On The Inside, Different On The Outside

Unfortunately, trying to find herself through different spiritual modalities made her feel more alone than ever. Many spiritual ideals preached the superiority of poverty, and Tanja knew she loved luxury, good food and traveling! It didn’t work for her to give up what she knew contributed to her life. Feeling increasingly wrong in her inner spiritual world and not fitting in with the external world either, Tanja could not perceive a future that truly worked for her.

She returned to her previous firm, this time as a manager, where for the next 3 years she worked 60–100-hour weeks, becoming burned out, depressed, and more unhappy.

Knowing she needed to nurture and reconnect with her body, Tanja took time away to visit an Ayurveda and Yoga retreat. She gave up smoking and acknowledged that more than ever, she desired to end the dichotomy between her inner consciousness and external success. She realized that to embody both authentically and happily, she had to be willing to let go of the company, career and people outside of herself that she’d built her entire identity on.

Not long after returning and choosing to leave her manager role, Tanja’s father committed suicide. She went into a deep depression, and was confronted with the vulnerable question: What did she truly desire for herself? To live? To die? To survive? To thrive? She sought out a retreat in the Swiss Alps, and after giving herself the space to be without judgement of right and wrong, she realized only she could change what wasn’t working, and became renewed to create something greater that makes her happy.

An Unexpected Adventure

Tanja invested her inheritance in starting a small publishing company with a business partner. Combining her business partner’s skills as a channel medium and her own business acumen, they created seminars, audiobooks and e-books on topics such as consciousness, money, business and relationship and so much more. Although she did not consider herself to have “medium” abilities at the time, Tanja began to realize that her perception and awareness of energy allowed her to perceive in people and in business what others could not, and that she could use this awareness to help her clients and their businesses increase their success exponentially.

After four years, just as her “investment money” had run out, her partner terminated the joint venture agreement and retained all rights and licenses. Tanja was essentially left with nothing and didn’t know what to do. At this point, she said to herself, “This has to change, I really need something to live for!”

Shortly thereafter, Tanja first encountered the tools of Access Consciousness, which helped her dissolve the separation in her world, overcome the dichotomy that has kept her stuck, and realize that she is truly the creator of her life.

From Being Seen to Being You

In the meantime, Tanja worked as self-employed management consultant on various projects. This was not truly fulfilling her, however, so in 2012 she decided to transform her consulting business and took part in an online business creation workshop. This online training included participation in the first ever Being You Changing the World class facilitated by Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. This class changed her life and opened Tanja to an awareness of greater possibilities and a perception of the future worth living for. Her joy for truly creating her life was reignited – and never left her! Tanja finally realized that so much of her sense of dichotomy and despair in life came from seeking validation and success through the eyes of what others thought was possible, rather than trusting her own knowing and being herself in her totality.


You can’t find yourself you can only create yourself ~ Dr. Dain Heer

It was also at this time Tanja became grateful for the separation from her former business partner. At the time she’d thought it was the end of her world, but in truth it was the beginning of putting her in the direction she truly desired to go.

She realized that every perceived ‘failure’ or ‘wrongness’ she previously thought was real was in fact her knowing, her strongness, her being and leading her to a different and greater possibility.

Being it All and Becoming the Leader of your Life and your Business

Tanja started using the Access Consciousness tools and taking the classes and became the first Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator in Germany in 2013. Since then, she became specialized in many different areas of like Money, Wealth, Business, Relationships, Bodies & Bodywork, Being You, Creation & Actualization contributing to facilitate change in hundreds of people’s lives with private Sessions, Live and Online Classes to become the Leader of their Life and their Business.

Fully embracing both her consciousness side and business brilliance side, Tanja now thrives on inviting and empowering unseen, creative-edge, misfit Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Mentors and Healers to embody everything they truly are and actualize the life & business they truly desire.

Utilizing awareness & self-healing modalities including Access Consciousness, Instant Change Master, TimeWaver and other Quantum Tools and Technologies, as well as her own modality called Quantum Space Embodiment, Tanja’s unique approach of creating your life and your business from being, empowers you to create what truly works for you, with a degree of ease that is described as magical.