Tanja’s invitation for you

Tanja's Einladung an dich

To Embody the Space of Being

Through my work, programs and courses, I invite you to recognize who or what you truly are and to live, realize and embody this space of being.

Ease & Simplicity

I love it when it is easy and simple and that is exactly what I invite you to do: follow ease in your life and use it as your compass to become aware of what you really want and then to choose, actualize and embody it.

Joy of Living

From my experience, money follows joy and the more you love what you do and follow your joy, the easier it is to make money with it. What if you can actually create a fulfilled life being and doing what you love? For me, Joy of Living is the fuel of life! I invite you to experience how to generate it in infinite abundance.

Consciousness & Awareness

Being aware of myself and aware of what is happening around me is one of my biggest priorities in life. Consciousness allows you to come out of judgement, limitation and assumptions to become aware of what is true and real for you. What would your life and business be like if you allowed yourself to include Awareness & Consciousness in everything you be and do and only implement and actualize things that create more Consciousness on the Planet?

Clarity & Energetic Congruence

I find it easy to put energies into words and I have the ability to be congruent in words and energy. To grasp and express complex issues in a simple yet profound way is another one of my strengths. In interaction with me, I invite you to gain clarity about who or what you really are, and how you can bring into the world with ease that which is unique to you.

Deep Transformation

With my energetic abilities and the dynamic tools I work with, I invite you to experience profound transformations with ease in all areas of your life and business. What if you could transform everything in your life and business that no longer works for you, and create something far greater than you can imagine possible right now?

Be the leader of your life and your business

In playing together with me, I will show you how to become the leader of your life and your business and how to realize, embody and live everything you truly are with ease, joy & success.

Capacities, Talents & Visibility

What capacities & talents do you have that you are not yet acknowledging or living? I invite you to discover, embody and live all of your power, strength, abilities, gifts and talents and to change everything that does not allow you to be visible and to be seen in the world.

Wealth of Being

For me, prosperity is not something I do, but rather something I be. However, the term prosperity only partially describes this space of being that is truly available. I invite you to become the inner and outer Wealth that you truly are. I facilitate clients to manage and grow physical wealth and finances, and to expand their Wealth of Being into receiving the gifts of all things, creating a richer life and living in exciting and fullfilling ways.

Infinite Possibilities & Choices

I open up spaces of realization for you and show you how to invite infinite possibilities into your life, to realize and embody them. You always have a choice and I invite you to move from powerlessness into power and to choose and have what you truly desire.

Being a Contribution

I invite you to live the simultaneity of gifting and receiving. This is about stepping beyond the classic definition of give and take and serving others, into a world of unlimited contribution – gifting it, receiving it, being it. What contribution are you that you have not yet acknowledged? It is only when you truly recognize and acknowledge the gift that you are, that others around you will see this too.


I work with the power of the question and empower you to know what you know – beyond right and wrong. It is not about me doing it for you, or giving you answers and ‘how to’s. I give you tools, questions, and possibilities so that you can become empowered to choose, create and actualize what you know is possible and what you really would like to create.

The Kingdom of We

Many choose to be the creator of life out of pure self-interest. What if you allow yourself to be all that you are and thus be the gift that the world needs now to change? When you begin to go beyond self-interest and allow yourself to include everyone else, the world, and the future in your creations, things can come to fruition faster than you can imagine. What if it is now possible for everyone to be king or queen in their realm or life – beyond perpetrator and victim games – and we all contribute to each other to embody and live our greatness?

Embodiment & Authenticity

Walk your talk! From my point of view it is not about just understanding and cognitively knowing things, but rather about embodying your deep inner knowing and living all that you truly are – only then are you truly authentic. I invite you to recognize, embody and live the contribution that you truly be.

Energetic Nurturing

You are not only nurturing yourself physically, but also energetically. For example, a way of being nurtured is when others are acknowledging, appreciative and grateful for you. Similar to physical nurturing, it is also important to develop an awareness of the quality of the “energetic food” you consume. Are you being seen and acknowledged or are you always just giving, completely drained and burnt-out? I invite you to develop a completely new awareness of your energetic nourishment and to take good care of yourself.


For me personally, relaxation is the fertilizer of my creations and very important for me to grow and thrive. It contributes to my harmonious balance in life and business. Therefore, relaxation is an integral part of my work to which I also cordially invite you.

Magic & the Secrets of Life

I am an explorer and love to discover and decode the Mysteries, Magic and Secrets of Life and to go deep within to find out what these Mysteries, the Magic and Secrets really mean. I owe many of the “Aha!” experiences and insights in my life to this curiosity and urge to explore. I am happy to pass on my knowledge to you and invite you to discover, decode and live by your perception and inner knowledge. When you are congruent with what you are and choose, things show up by themselves – as if by magic – and you are synchronized with everything and everyone. What magical Abilities & Capacities do you have that you are not yet living and embodying? I love to discover the Secrets of Life and the Magic that we really are and I invite you on this journey of discovery…..are you ready?

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