Symphony Taster Group Session

Symphony-Group-Taster-Session with Tanja Barth

This Symphony-Group-Taster-Session is an invitation to you to venture beyond what we can imagine with our mind.

During the session, you are invited to explore the symphony energies that are available and tap into them, relax into them, and be. It is not a therapy or healing session – it is about being able to  access what you already know….

Each person has a unique ability to deal with energies. Each time you participate in a Symphony Group Taster, you contribute with your particular chord, space and vibration – changing what is possible.


Date & Time:

July 28, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. CEST


Between 30 – 45 minutes

Prerequisites: none


Please note, this is a live event – there will be no recordings. This Symphony Group Taster be held in English. However, there is hardly any speaking, but rather energetic work.

What are your abilities & possibilities with these energies? 

What contribution can the Symphony energies be for you, your life and your future?


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