4 Part Online Class - Business Reset

Please note that this class will be only available in German with English translation.

Have you always wanted a business that works for you, contributes to you, enriches you, your life and your future with ease, flow, joy and prosperity?

In the 4-part class, Tanja invites you:

– to transform the blockages and limitations you have in your business,

– to shut down and reset your entire system and that of your business.

– to do an energetic upgrade and to synchronize you and your business with contributing new possibilities.

Dive into Tanja’s world of Business Energetics – a variety of powerful energetic tools that allow you to not only run your business physically, but also incorporate the energetic levels to create a holistic business.

Whether you are just starting your business and simply know for yourself that the old is no longer working that way, even if the new is not yet clearly visible. Or you already have an existing business that you want to realign to be more in flow or expand it further, then this class is a contribution for you to holistically realign your business now.

Are you ready to go beyond everything you thought business was and dive into a new business world that is nurturing, contributing and appreciative – for you, your business and everyone involved?

Let’s dive together into the diversity of undiscovered possibilities and realize contributing new possibilities!



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Danae König | danae@tanjabarth.com | +49 178 8707888

Verena Hellen | verena@tanjabarth.com | +49 170 4733502


Is now the time to create & actualize a business that works for you?


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