By Tanja Barth

Every Entrepreneur knows how vital it is to have Employees you can count on to succeed in Business. This is why Loyalty and Integrity are the two selection criteria on most of the Soft Skill Selection Lists of any Human Resource Department.

Loyalty in Business does not need further explanation, but what does Integrity in Business actually mean? Integrity in Business is defined as

Strict adherence to a moral code, reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does[1]

A lot of people are in fear of consequences when they make mistakes and would therefore rather lie than telling the truth. However, making mistakes or failing, is part of the process of becoming successful. Only when you are transparent and honest about mistakes that you have made, these can be changed. If you are lying and trying to hide whatever has occurred, things are most of the times much worse, when they come out and your reputation and the trust in you can be gone.

Have you ever experienced that two people said exactly the same thing, but one of them was clear and easy to understand and second one who used exactly the same words as the first one, was hard to hear?

When people are aligned and in harmony with what you are thinking, saying, being and doing, they you are congruent on all Communication Levels. They tend to be easier understood and much easier to work with. The different Levels of Communication are as follows:

The Four Levels of Communication

  1. The verbal Level – what people are saying
  2. The mental Level – what people are thinking while they are speaking
  3. The energetic Level – what people are being while they are talking (their state of being, feelings and emotions)
  4. The action Level – conclusive actions, if people are doing what they are saying – they walk their talk.

People who are in alignment on all Communication Levels are perceived as authentic, reliable, of integrity and in general, easier trusted than those who are not aligned. Integrity is important for them and most likely one of their personal core values next to other values like persistence, courage, and intelligence and so on.

Integrity is not logical. It is defined, but not easy to measure. Integrity is perceived individually. Being of integrity requires to be brutally honest with yourself and also a sense of self-awareness.

All of these Communication Levels can be perceived with your awareness, they are not necessarily measurable. In order to become more aware of them, you can ask yourself the following questions:

Is this person actually thinking / believing what she/he is saying?

Often times people think they have to have a specific point of view or opinion or they need to say what their boss would like to hear. Does the person actually mean what she/he is saying?

Is the person being what she/he is saying?

A person is energetically congruent, when she/he is present in their body and is embodying the energies, feelings and emotions they are talking about.

Will this person fulfill what she/he is saying?

Will this person follow through with actions of what she is talking about? Is this person walking their talk?

The first 3 Levels of Communication will show up immediately, while the person is speaking. The fourth Level will be most likely been seen at a later stage. Being aware of the 4 Levels of Communication, helps you to become an expert of knowing people.

Integrity is a choice. You chose if you add it to your core values and resolution to live by those values that form your character and personality. Who or what are you choosing to be?



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