By Tanja Barth as seen in Business Magazine

True wealth is so much more than owning real estate, having lots of money, gold, and high-end jewelry.

What if being truly wealthy also includes the wealth of living that is available? The kind of wealth that allows you to be kind, generous, have affluence, and have a more tangible sense of contribution in every area of your life?

I have always loved wealth and having money. My love of wealth and money led to the fact that I have had more money than other people at my age. When I was 26, I worked for a self-made billionaire, who I admired a lot. It was just stunning to see what he had created and the brilliance he was. I was continuously in awe of him. However, there was a downside to his brilliance that really hurt me to witness. It was the way he chose to treat people unkindly, even though he always treated me with velvet gloves.

For several reasons, I did not see my future working with him, but most importantly, I made a significant choice, when I quit this job: “If I have to be unkind and self-serving to be wealthy, then I don’t want it!” And guess what, that choice created a major impact on my money flows and I started to learn what struggle with money is.

Was there a time you uninvited money in your life? What choices have you made and what decisions have you made, that do not allow you to have money and enjoy the wealth of living?

Is being wealthy just a choice?

What if being wealthy was just a choice – would you actually choose it? Or, what have you decided you have to be or that you resist and react to that does not allow you being truly wealthy? What point of views do you have and what decisions have you made that do not allow you to have massive amounts of money and truly be wealthy? And what difference can you be in the world, when it comes to money and wealth, that has never existed before?

Thank goodness after that experience with the billionaire, I met several really wealthy people that showed me that ease, joy and elegance with having money and being wealthy, alongside being nice and kind to people, is a viable option.

After several years of lacking money, and then meeting these people who had a different way with wealth, the experience allowed me to choose to have money again. Once I truly choose it, that choice instantly affected my money flows and the struggle started to end.

Are you actually choosing to have money and be wealthy?

Many people think they want to have money and be wealthy but are not actually choosing it. Being wealthy and having money is a choice you have to make! And you have to choose it with every molecule of your being and with everything you do. Choosing to have money and be wealthy is a constant process. It is not something that you chose 10 years ago and you will finally be rich one day.

To invite more money and wealth into your daily life, here are some great questions you could ask:

  • What can I be or do different today to have more money and become wealthier right away?
  • If I buy this, will it make me money?

It might sound weird when you begin, but once you start asking these kinds of questions, you will gain greater awareness about dynamics around money.

Demand of yourself to have more money and be wealthier

Once you have truly chosen to have money and be wealthy, you have to make a demand of yourself to have more money and be wealthier. When you seek to have money and be wealthy, this implies you lack money and wealth and that is harder to overcome. If you desire to have more money and to be wealthier, you are acknowledging that you have the money and the desire and openness to be wealthy, and that you are asking for more.

Making a demand of yourself is committing to be or do whatever it takes, no matter what it takes and in this case to have more money and be even wealthier.

So, what have you done, concluded or decided that does not allow you to actually have money and be wealthy? Is now the time to change that?

What is now required for you to make a different choice with regards to money and wealth and demand that from yourself no matter what it takes?

Tanja Barth is a personal wealth and well-being coach, mentor and co-author of Beyond Limitless. She has spent more than two decades in a highly-successful financial career – including as auditor, transaction service manager, private equity & management consultant, wealth manager, and CFO. Now, in addition to her business activities, she incorporates her vast financial and management experience into her role as a Right Riches for You facilitator, and the facilitation of several other Access Consciousness® special programs. For more, visit

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